High-Performance full manual Turntable. Quality and design without compromises. Engineered, developed and manufactured in Italy.

Logigram One Black/White

Logigram One Premium

Logigram One ________


Thanks to 3D printing, we managed to manifacture a single piece tonearm

- from the cartridge platform to counterweight stub -

so it can be optimally shaped and formed to provide a totally even mechanical response.

Low friction bearings.

Internal antiskating and VTA regulations.


Logigram’s design generates from the removal of some material from the plynth to obtain an empty space, then replaced by an anti vibrational system/technology.

Afterwards we wanted to explicitly state this volume change, creating a trademark that could be recognized and differentiates from other products.


In order to achieve a premium quality experience, we managed to increase the audio standards by using a 30 mm antiresonant plinth, hold up by three non-decoupling supports.

Belt drive with 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM manual speeds. Synchronous motor in suspension with o-ring.

Pivot to Spidle stiffening plate, separated from the plinth by composite anti-vibration system.

How was LOGIGRAM born?

We designed an object that could include multiple features, from traditional components to more modern technologies.

Searching for a pure audio experience, we have created a completely analog product

thinking about the user's attention to the individual gestures related to the act

of listening to vinyl records.

How is LOGIGRAM made?

Linear design, classic volume and shape. Innovative details deriving from careful study and research.

LOGIGRAM is characterized by a particular shape of the plinth, which incorporates a reinforcing layer of composite material.

This allowed DEFOSS to create an anti-resonant barrier between the tonearm/cartridge axis and the motor.

This particular solution not only significantly improves the quality of music reproduction, it also became our trademark.


Technology has brought music everywhere and whenever we want. This is cool, but as a result, we don’t pay the right attention to it.

Our turntables can help.

From our love for music and design, we got the idea to create a turntable that combines classic elements with innovative design.

The goal is to create a product with supreme quality that can be accessible, and that is able to provide a completely analog listening premium experience.

Logigram is what your music deserves!

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