DEFOSS is a group of international architects and designers dedicated to the design of furniture, objects and environments. We are currently beginning to bring our prototypes into reality.


DEFOSS was founded by Luca Chieregato, italian architect and
designer, and Josefina Troncoso, industrial designer from Chile.
Two professionals with the idea of giving a unique service and experience to their customers.

DEFOSS (Design, furniture and objects in space) has the objective of satisfying all
customer’s needs, from architecture to the realization of accessories and
furnishing objects, for individuals and companies.


The LOGIGRAM team is completed with the help and collaboration of Davide Grandi, architect and musician; Simone Chieregato, commerce and marketing; Marcelo Gomes, communication and social networking; ​Valentí Acconcia, crowdfunding consultant.

Luca Chieregato

Co-Founder - Architect
Josefina Troncoso

Co-Founder - Industrial designer
Simone Chieregato

Marketing and Sales
Davide Grandi

Architect, Technology expert and Musician
Matias Dominguez

Commercial engineer
Valentí Acconcia

Crowdfunding Consultant

Valentí Acconcia is a crowdfunding consultant since 2011. He works with the main crowdfunding platforms in the world with whom he has raised millions of euros for more than 200 clients. He is the author of "The 20 golden rules of crowdfunding" a practical book that helps people plan good campaigns and realize their ideas.

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